The Women In Black

Rating: 3.5 – 10

This movie was stuuuupid. It had no real story, it was just Harry Potter hanging out in a scary house for no reason, and then random ghosts would pop up and scream for 2 seconds and disappear. Like most new Hollywood movies, instead of having a creepy story, they just decided to have jump scares for no reason. This movie also stole the ole ghost girl has a stretched open mouth and yells at the top of her lungs when you most expect it. If you like movies for weird images and jump scares, you might be dumb enough to enjoy this one. If your over the age of 7, you will probably realize how bad the story is and be too smart to find it scary.

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New Game with FREE Prizes!


1. We act out the scene to a movie

2. You guess what movie the scene is from

3. Prizes for the weiners!!!

This weekly contest will be on youtube, so subscribe to our channel to be the first one notified when new contests are up! We will try to put up a new Guess The Scene once a week at random times. The prizes will be t-shirts, dvd’s and gift certificates. The prizes will get better and the videos will get more elaborate as we gain more subscribers, so spread the word!!! Leave any suggestions in the comments below and we will see what we can do!

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Gay for Twilight!

Anyone else have a secret crush on the Twilight movies?

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